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TriCoder Utilities 3.20

The TriCoder is an extremely versatile bar code reader
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The TriCoder is an extremely versatile bar code reader. It functions as both a portable data collection device as well as a fixed on-line bar code reader.
Although the TriCoder can perform complex data collection functions, it's true value is in its simplicity. With very little instruction, a user can collect data
using one of the built-in programs, upload it and process the data.
Although the TriCoder Utilities has a wide range of powerful features, we realize that most people will only be using it to upload data files.
And although the TriCoder Utilities' Windows Explorer-like interface shows you the contents of your USB TriCoder at a glance, letting you quickly transfer files to and from your TriCoder by clicking or dragging, we also realize that many people are not familiar with using Windows Explorer to copy files.

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